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The incredible pulling power of our Polaris® PRO HD 3,500 lb winch just got a whole lot faster thanks to new Rapid Rope Recovery - new technology that allows you to retrieve excess cable 5-times faster. The winch dial features three settings: FREE SPOOL to attach the winch hook, PULL for winch mode, and RAPID ROPE RECOVERY for faster re-spooling.
Auto Stop Technology stops the winch automatically when the collar touches the fairlead saving time and preventing over-spooling.
This winch comes pre-wired for easier installation.


Winch Mount
Wireless Remote
Auto Stop Technology Fairlead
Fully Sealed High Current Contactor
Power Cables

Fits on: 

Polaris 450 H.O. '16-19
Polaris 570 '14-19
Polaris 570 SP '15-19
Polaris 570 X2 '15-19
Polaris TOURING 570 '14-19
Polaris 570 X2 SP '16-19
Polaris 570 6X6 '17-19