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Shoei Hornet DS - Matt Deep Grey
Semi-dual EPS liner ventilation system
3D max dry liner system
Fully removable / replaceable interior
Cheek pad channels for eyeglasses
Upper, lower & visor air intake
Chin curtain
3 Dimensionally curved C-49 shield
Lightweight AIM+ shell construction
1 year warranty from purchase date
3 Different helmet configurations
Visor & shield, visor only, shield only
With a removable shield as well as a removable visor, the Hornet-DS can be configured in three different ways to compliment all forms of motorcycle riding. With both the shield and visor fixed to the helmet, the Hornet is the perfect tool for exploring trails and back roads with your friends. The shield will keep the noise down and protect your face and eyes from bugs and dust.

The visor on the Hornet-DS was one of the most carefully thought out parts of the helmet. Not only does it protect the rider from dust and glare, but it is actually part of the ventilation system of the helmet. To begin with, the visor is positioned slightly higher on the top of the helmet than a typical off road helmet for optimal visibility. The wedge shape visor was designed in Shoei?s in-house wind tunnel to reduce uncomfortable wind resistance and buffeting. The reduction of drag and lift help eliminate neck fatigue and keep the rider more comfortable during long rides.

The Hornet-DS comes equipped with a 2mm thick 3-dimensionally curved shield that can be positioned in 4 different locations from fully closed to fully open. The shield can also be removed so the helmet can be used with goggles. Shields for this helmet are available in clear and light smoke tints and block 99% of UVA and UVB rays.